New Holland ProRotor™ Rotary Rakes

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CLEAN ROTARY RAKING ACTION Unlike ground-engaging rakes, ProRotor™ tines don’t need to touch the soil, so there is less risk of contaminants being swept into the windrow. The gentle rotary action builds a well-shaped windrow without roping, and promotes drying after the hay is raked.
A CHOICE OF MODELS Three ProRotor models with a range of working widths are available to suit your raking needs. Choose the ProRotor 3114 single-rotor, side-delivery rake, the ProRotor 3223 dual-rotor, side-delivery rake or the ProRotor 3226 dual-rotor, center-delivery rake.
HIGH-LIFT TINE ACTION ProRotor tine arms provide more capacity and better performance than rakes with straight or radial-mounted tine arms. ProRotor tine arms are curved and mounted at a tangent so the tines are in optimum position to pick up and deliver hay to the windrow. 
MAINTENANCE-FREE GEARBOXES The sealed rotor gearbox is lubricated by oil and requires only periodic daily maintenance of the crown and pinion, saving you time and providing reliable service. 

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