New Holland DuraVee™ Trailing Wheel Rakes

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THE FASTER WAY TO RAKE MORE HAY DuraVee™ trailing wheel rakes are the right choice for high-capacity haymakers looking for a faster way to rake more hay. Offered in seven models with a variety of raking widths, these rakes are perfect for many sizes of haymaking operations.
EASILY ADJUST WINDROW WIDTH Windrow widths can be easily adjusted to produce uniform rows ranging from 3 to 6 ft. (91 to 183 cm) wide with the ratchet-style adjustment lever or the optional hydraulic windrow width adjustment kit. 
FLOAT LIKE A “VEE” Individual rake wheels float across ground contours for cleaner raking compared to rake wheels mounted in tandem. Suspended by springs, each wheel individually adjusts for optimum ground contact pressure. A single pin adjusts the working height of all of the raking wheels on that side of the rake.
THE STRAIGHT AND NARROW PATH TO ROADING All DuraVee rakes have 15 (381 mm) tires and can fold down to 8’ 3” (2.5 m) for easy road transportation. To enhance safety and eliminate shimmying, transport safety locks and adjustable friction disc brake brakes on the caster wheels are featured on all models. 

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Number of rake wheels
Rake wheel diameter (in. (m))
Number of tines per wheel
Frame articulation
Transport height* (ft. in. (m))
Transport width (ft. in. (m))
Maximum working width (ft. in. (m))
Minimum windrow width (ft. (m))
Maximum windrow width (ft. (m))
Operating weight* (lbs. (kg))
Maximum operating speed (mph (kph))
Tractor power requirement (hp)