New Holland ProCart™ and ProCart™ PLUS Deluxe Carted Wheel Rakes

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DEPENDABLE, HIGH-SPEED RAKING Individual floating rake wheels provide cleaner raking and help form more uniform windrows that are easier to bale.
DURABLE, COMPACT DESIGN The well-built frame provides the strength and reliability you need, and it’s compact and stable so you can move fast between farm and field.
HIGH FRAME CLEARANCE Unlike other carted wheel rakes on the market, ProCart™ rakes offer a high frame clearance to accommodate high-volume crops.
A CHOICE OF MODELS Find the right model for you with raking widths from 18 to 28 ft. (5.5 to 8.5 m) and 8 to 14 finger wheels across 5 different models. 

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Number of finger wheels
Finger wheel diameter (in. (m))
Teeth per wheel
Rake wheel tine diameter (in. (mm))
Overall length* (ft. in. (m))
Minimum transport height (ft. in. (m))
Transport width (ft. in. (m))
Tread width outside of tires (ft. in. (m))
Minimum working width* (ft. in. (m))
Maximum working width* (ft. in. (m))
Minimum windrow width* (ft. in. (m))
Maximum windrow width* (ft. in. (m))
Operating Weight (lbs. (kg))
Tractor requirement (hp (kW))
Tractor requirement, hydraulic