New Holland BigBaler High Density Large Square Balers

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HIGH-DENSITY PERFORMANCE BigBaler 340 High Density balers can deliver up to 22% higher-density bales than other conventional large square balers, and up to 15% more when compared to BigBaler 340 PLUS models.
SMOOTH BALER ENGAGEMENT Exclusive SmartShift™ gearbox features two-speed start-up technology for smooth baler engagement while protecting the tractor’s driveline.
OPTIMIZE YOUR PRODUCTIVITY By combining SmartSteer™ swath guidance and the IntelliCruise™ feed rate control system, IntelliSense™ bale automation features a LiDAR sensor for hands-free baling day or night.
NOT YOUR AVERAGE KNOT The Loop Master™ double knotting system produces stronger knots for fewer broken bales and eliminates twine offcuts for cleaner fields and feed, saving nearly four miles of twine saved every 10,000 bales.

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Bale Dimensions

Width (in. (m))
Height (in. (m))
Maximum length (in. (m))

Tractor Requirements

Main Drive

5 Bar MaxiSweep™ Pick-up

Packer Feeding System

CropCutter® System

Pre-Compression Chamber & Stuffer


Tying System

Bale Density System

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