New Holland Compact Wheel Loaders

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COMFORT AND PERFORMANCE Both W50C and W80C are here to provide comfort at work and let you reduce downtime. A spacious cab incorporates a standard LCD display and natural, ergonomic controls.
HIGH VERSATILITY The choice of one or two auxiliary hydraulic circuits and the availability of high flow in combination with creep speed allows work to be done at max flow at a constantly low forward pace.
SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE The weight distribution enables the new compact wheel loader to fully benefit from its impressive improved lifting capacity.
HIGH PRECISION The inch and brake pedal progressively disengages the transmission in the decelerating phase while progressively engaging the brakes, giving the operator millimetric control of the machine at low speeds.

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Cab height (in. (mm))
Wheelbase (in. (mm))
Ground clearance under shaft (in. (mm))
Ground clearance under axles (in. (mm))
Angle of departure (degrees)
Overall width without bucket (in. (mm))
Tread width (in. (mm))
Operating height - fully raised with spillguard (in. (mm))
Hinge pin height - fully raised (in. (mm))
Overall length - bucket level on ground (in. (mm))
Dump height - fully raised, 45° dump (in. (mm))
Bucket reach - fully raised, 45° dump (in. (mm))
Bucket reach - 7 ft 0 (2.13m), 45° dump (in. (mm))
Dig depth (in. (mm))
Turning radius: outside (in. (mm))
Turning angle: Total angle (degrees)
Turning angle: From center (degrees)
Turning angle: Rear axle oscillation, total (degrees)



High Flow




Front Axle

Gear Box

Travel Speeds

Service Capacities

Hydraulic System

Operating Weights


Standard Bucket